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In this community you can claim whatever your little heart dessires. Whether it be a movie, a song, a person, a quote, whatever. Most people have joined other communities and know what to do. Other's aren't so sure. So just check out the rules before making claims. The rules are basically the same as other communities. I broke it up into sections (claims rules, movie rules, music rules, book rules, and anything else) so it's easier to find the rules
for your specific claims. Each set of rules is more or less then same. Have fun claiming and tell your friends.


//claims rules.

+ Check the claims list first before deciding what you want to claim. It's alphabatized too so it's easier to find things. It is updated atleast once a week. Sometimes more.
+ Only 5 claims per person. If you wish to help out with the community in ways such as layouts or even making an icon, you will get an extra claim.
+ All claims do not need to be claimed all at once. Take your time and think of something you really want.
+ There is no sharing something unless both people agree to share.
+ No flaming anyone for claiming something you don't like. Most likely you like something they don't.
+ If you do flame, you will be banned without warning
+ Feel free to make banner or icons for you claims.
+ Remember you don't actually claim whatever you have claimed. Ex. If you claimed an actor, you don't really own them.
+ Once something is claim, sorry, it's claimed.
+ Once you've claimed something you're stuck with it.
+ Once you leave this community you have 3 days until your songs/bands are up for grabs. Also, that includes if you change your username you have 3 days to notify me.

//movie rules.
+ If you claim a character of an actor, put the character and the actor who plays the character.
+ You can still claim an actor if someone has claimed a character of theirs and vice-versa

//music rules.
+ If you claim a band, you can claim a band that is broken up, or just one person from the band. Either is fine.
+ If someone had claimed a band you would like you can claim any song by that band aslong as it is not taken.
+ Please include full names

//book rules.
+ You can claim authors, books, or characters.
+ If someone has claimed an author/book you want you can claims a book by that author/the author of the book.
+ Please include full names. ++ Exceptions, authors/books/characters with initials (Ex. JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, etc.)

//anything else.
+ Follow basic rules as shown above. Most people can figure all this out.